Sunday, January 19, 2014

Online Standoff to Save Meyers Farm

By : Dennis Stein

   42,000 people is a lot of support for any cause. When you consider that these people are not just Canadian, but hail from every corner of the globe, it shows just how far people will go to show their support for something that they know is right...
   The fact that Frank Meyers and his family have garnered this level of support in just a week or so is amazing enough. As he sits in his John Deere tractor or his pickup truck each day, greeting the people who have journeyed to his family farm in the interest of helping him save his land from expropriation by the government, Frank is blind to the commotion going on online. There is a mounting virtual army of people from all walks of life, generating a daily barrage of comments, and posts in support of his cause. Media from all major news outlets have covered the story going on right now in Trenton, Ontario, broadcasting the events unfolding on a nightly basis for almost a week now. 
  Meanwhile, a growing group of determined supporters huddle around a fire barrel, defending against heavy equipment which is poised at the back of the property, ready to demolish the barns and buildings on the land that the Department of National Defense has expropriated from the Meyers family. They remain all night and all day, so that Frank and his wife may get their rest, comfortable that someone is keeping vigil. All manner of food and donations to the supporters cause are flowing in, including the products from big name restaurants like McDonald's and Tim Horton's. 
  Add to that the fact that this group, headed by a woman named Lisa Gibson, who began a Facebook page back in October of 2013 after learning about the Meyer's plight has stopped the planned demolition of the barns, and forced the powers that be to rethink their entire plan, and you can see a major message being sent to the government. The land in question has been in this family since the settlement of Upper Canada, and although Frank signed off on the expropriation deal under duress, he has yet to receive any payment for the land in question...
   People are posting to the Facebook page Save Frank and Marjorie Meyers Farm at an amazing rate, offering their help in whatever way they can, sharing information, and contacting their local government representatives looking for answers. It is unclear how this standoff will end, but for now the group, who have dubbed themselves 'Frank's Army', show no signs of leaving their vigilance, either online, or at the farm...

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