Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Heart Of The Raven is finished!!!

After ten months of pounding out the story letter by letter on my Ipod Touch, The Heart Of The Raven is finally a finished book! The final editing is going on as I write this, the cover art is finished, and the whole thing should be pieced together and ready for proofing by this evening. I hope to be able to make it available locally for Christmas sales, at both Leeds County Books on King St. in Brockville, and Coles in the Thousand Islands Mall. It will also be available on, and for all of you with e-readers, as an e-book.

  The story plunges the characters of my children into a quest to find a lost amethyst crystal, blessed by an Indian Shaman. The crystal is part of an ancient prophecy, and has the power to heal sickness and injury. Once they find it however, they are constantly pursued by people who wish to steal the Heart from them, as they try desperately to get to their Grandmother, who lies in a hospital bed dying of cancer.
  It will be the first installment in a series of novels, following the characters through many different adventures...

  Once the proofs are approved, I will post the expected arrival date of the first shipment of books to be made available!