Thursday, February 11, 2016


  One last minute of the moonlight bathing me, before I have no more unconsciousness left to comfort me…
  The morning came, uninvited. I opened my eyes slowly. The warmth of the covers were shed, as I rose from my bed, tossing the covers in a haphazard heap. The bathroom and the solace of a hot shower beckoned as I stumbled my way forward, in the same manner as I had done innumerable mornings before. The haze of the dreams, already half-forgotten haunted my peace as I stepped into the warm rain of the shower. What had I dreamt?
  The thoughts of those disjointed dreams where I went somewhere that for fleeting moments I was happy were gone, engulfed by the remembrance that I had to go off to work. Work… As I let the water flow over my hair, leaning back to embrace the warmth of the water, my brain registered the many things that my day would entail. I was nothing but a drone, someone who worked to put numbers on a spreadsheet for my superiors, someone who was just a number. The idea of going back to the grind after a couple of days to relaxing were paralyzing.
  Dressed now, I made my way out the door, after ensuring the dog had been out to desecrate the lawn, and the cats had been given their breakfast. My wife gave me a wave from the doorway, a last farewell before she got ready for her own trials at work for the day. She had an equally difficult day ahead, perhaps even harder, dealing with the public.

  After our day is done, we only wish for the monotony of dinner to be over, not having the energy to engage the youngest boy still living in the house. All we want is to return to the comfort and seclusion of our ‘nest’, to lose ourselves in a movie before drifting off into the infinity again, warm and at peace… 

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